Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caravaggio miniature self -portrait detected

From the Telegraph UK:
Tiny Caravaggio Self-Portrait Revealed

Caravaggio -an Italian proto- Baroque artist whose paintings combine a heightened sense of naturalism with extreme dark and light.
Two examples of his works: The Conversion of St. Paul and Supper at Emmaus illustrate the dramatic power of Caravaggio's innovative style, one that had an incalculable effect on all those who came after him.
The Roman Catholic Church, still fighting to remain a viable entity at the beginning of the seventeenth century, fervently sought to re energize its base. The Counter Reformation struggle fueled the extroverted visual style of the Baroque, whose all-enveloping theatrics could draw in and capture an audience.
Caravaggio, a painter of immense genius who also suffered from a volatile temperament, reportedly once killed a man during a drunken argument and ended up fleeing for his life as a result.
(Something about his paintings always makes me squeamish. Anyway, he is definitely not for the faint of heart).