Sunday, January 6, 2013

images from Harley 4431, aka "The Book of the Queen", Christine de Pizan, 15th century, British Library

f 115 v  Aurora Bringing the Dawn
Man of sorrows
 Christine de Pisan presenting her book to queen Isabeau of Bavaria
 The lover telling of his love to his lady in a garden. 
                                      Bacchus and his followers
  two women standing in a sphere of the cosmos
f 290 detail Christine de Pizan in her study with the personifications of Rectitude, Reason, and Justice, while outside, the ladies build the Cité des dames

f 290  including foliate border and illuminated initial;script is Gothic cursive 
 Pyrrhus avenging the death of Achilles
  Queen Penthesilea and her army of Amazons on their way to aid the Trojan army
 Queen Pasiphae
Ceres sowing corn
 Mercury inspiring the speech of the learned

 Christine de Pizan presenting her book to Louis of Orleans

British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts Harley 4431

The Making of the Queen's Manuscript

Christine de Pizan